Can I learn Online?

 We have three ways of learning


1. Tutor travels to your location


2 . You travel to tutors location


3. Video calling

What if I am not satisfied with tutor?

 After first lesson you can request to replace a tutor and we will work towards it

How many minimum hours can i engage a Tutor ?

Minimum 20 hours engagement is required. You can extend the hours with mutual agreement with the tutor

How do I engage a tutor?

 You can browse through 100s of tutors and find one suitable for you. Click on hire button . Our representative will get back to you .

How do I apply for a tuition assignment?

Click on ‘Sign Up’ and complete registration. Update your profile with all necessary details and your educational certificates. Click on the ‘Requests’ page to see the available tuition assignments an

Do I need to pay any extra fees for this service?

No extra charge.